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Uses of Interface

Packages that use PartitionPredicate

Uses of PartitionPredicate in gridsim.parallel.profile

Methods in gridsim.parallel.profile that return PartitionPredicate
 PartitionPredicate ResourcePartition.getPredicate()
          Gets the predicate of this partition

Constructors in gridsim.parallel.profile with parameters of type PartitionPredicate
ResourcePartition(int queueId, int numPE, PartitionPredicate predicate)
          Creates a new ResourcePartition object.

Uses of PartitionPredicate in gridsim.parallel.scheduler

Classes in gridsim.parallel.scheduler that implement PartitionPredicate
 class RuntimePredicate
          This predicate filters jobs according to their runtime

Fields in gridsim.parallel.scheduler declared as PartitionPredicate
(package private)  PartitionPredicate SelectiveBackfill.JobCategory.predicate

Methods in gridsim.parallel.scheduler with parameters of type PartitionPredicate
 void SelectiveBackfill.addJobCategory(PartitionPredicate predicate)
          Adds a job category to use to calculate the starvation threshold.
 boolean AggressiveMultiPartitions.createPartition(int partId, int numPE, PartitionPredicate predicate)
          Creates a new partition in this scheduler.

Constructors in gridsim.parallel.scheduler with parameters of type PartitionPredicate
SelectiveBackfill.JobCategory(PartitionPredicate predicate)

GridSim 5.0 beta

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