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Uses of Class

Packages that use Auction Classes that form the framework of auction model in GridSim. 

Uses of Auction in

Subclasses of Auction in
 class ContinuousDoubleAuction
          This class represents a Continuos Double Auction.
 class DoubleAuction
          This class represents a double auction.
 class DutchAuction
          This class represents a Dutch Auction.
 class EnglishAuction
          This class represents an English Auction.
 class FirstPriceSealedBidAuction
          This class represents a First-Price Sealed Bid auction.
 class OneSidedAuction
          This class represents an one-sided auction.
 class ReverseDutchAuction
          This class represents a Reverse Dutch Auction.
 class ReverseEnglishAuction
          This class represents a Reverse English Auction.
 class ReverseFirstPriceSealedBidAuction
          This class represents a Reverse First-Price Sealed Bid auction.

Methods in with parameters of type Auction
 void Auctioneer.addAuction(Auction auction)
          Adds an auction to this auctioneer
protected abstract  void Auctioneer.onAuctionClose(Auction auction)
          This method should be implemented to perform some auction after some auction has been finished.

GridSim 5.0 beta

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