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Uses of Class

Packages that use Variate
gridsim.resFailure Classes that form the framework of resource failures model in GridSim. 
gridsim.util Classes that perform other important functionalities of GridSim

Uses of Variate in gridsim.resFailure

Methods in gridsim.resFailure with parameters of type Variate
 boolean RegionalGISWithFailure.setFailureGenerator(Variate failureNumResPattern, Variate failureTimePattern, Variate failureLengthPattern)
          Sets failure generators for this entity.

Constructors in gridsim.resFailure with parameters of type Variate
RegionalGISWithFailure(String name, Link link, Variate failureNumResPattern, Variate failureTimePattern, Variate failureLengthPattern)
          Creates a new regional GIS entity

Uses of Variate in gridsim.util

Subclasses of Variate in gridsim.util
 class HyperExponential
          Generate a hyperexponentially distributed random number mean mu and standard deviation sigma (sigma > mu) using Morse's two-stage hyperexponential distribution.
 class Weibull
          A random number generator based on the Weibull distribution.

GridSim 5.0 beta

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