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Uses of LinkedTreeMap.Entry in gridsim.parallel.profile

Fields in gridsim.parallel.profile declared as LinkedTreeMap.Entry
(package private)  LinkedTreeMap.Entry<K,V> LinkedTreeMap.Entry.left
(package private)  LinkedTreeMap.Entry<K,V>
(package private)  LinkedTreeMap.Entry<K,V> LinkedTreeMap.Entry.parent
(package private)  LinkedTreeMap.Entry<K,V> LinkedTreeMap.Entry.previous
(package private)  LinkedTreeMap.Entry<K,V> LinkedTreeMap.Entry.right

Constructors in gridsim.parallel.profile with parameters of type LinkedTreeMap.Entry
LinkedTreeMap.Entry(K key, V value, LinkedTreeMap.Entry<K,V> parent)
          Make a new cell with given key, value, and parent, and with null child links, and BLACK color.

GridSim 5.0 beta

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