GridSim 5.0 beta

Uses of Class

Packages that use AbstractRC
gridsim.datagrid Classes that form the framework of DataGrid model in GridSim. 
gridsim.datagrid.index Classes that form the structure of multiple regional Data GIS and Replica Catalogue entities. 

Uses of AbstractRC in gridsim.datagrid

Methods in gridsim.datagrid that return AbstractRC
 AbstractRC DataGridResource.getLocalRC()
          Gets the local RC entity of this resource.

Methods in gridsim.datagrid with parameters of type AbstractRC
 boolean DataGridResource.setReplicaCatalogue(AbstractRC rc)
          Sets the RC entity for this resource.
 boolean DataGridUser.setReplicaCatalogue(AbstractRC rc)
          Sets a Replica Catalogue name for this user (the old name will be overwritten).

Uses of AbstractRC in gridsim.datagrid.index

Subclasses of AbstractRC in gridsim.datagrid.index
 class RegionalRC
          This class acts as a local RC and/or a leaf RC in a hierarchical model.
 class TopRegionalRC
          This class acts as a centralized RC or a root RC in a hierarchical model.

GridSim 5.0 beta

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