Asia-Pacific International Symposium on Cluster Computing (APSCC'2000)

In Conjunction with

The Fourth International Conference/Exhibition on High Performance Computing in Asia-Pacific Region (HPCAsia2000)

 May 14-17, 2000
Beijing, China

In Corporation with IEEE Task Force on Cluster Computing (TFCC)

Advanced Program

APSCC merges with CC-GRID symposium from 2001

Call for Papers

Great Wall of ChinaIn recent years, the availability of powerful microprocessors and high-speed networks as commodity components is making networks of computers an appealing vehicle for cost-effective high performance and high availability computing. Cluster computing has become a hot topic research among academic and industry community including  system designers, network developers, language designers, standardising forums, algorithm developers, graduate students and faculties. The use of clusters as computing platform is not just limited to scientific and engineering applications; there are many business applications that can benefit from the use of clusters.


APSCC'2000 is an international meeting that brings together international cluster computing researchers, developers, and users; and also serve as a forum to present the latest work by them as well as highlight activities in this area around Asia Pacific rim. The topics of interest include, but are not limited to,
  • Cluster Hardware Topology and Configurations (based on PCs, Workstations, or SMPs)
  • Cluster Interconnects and  Network Interfaces
  • Light Weight Communication Protocols
  • Operating System Enhancements for Multicomputers
  • Single System Image
  • Cluster Middleware
  • High Availability Computing Issues
  • File Systems and Parallel I/O
  • Data Distribution and Load Balancing
  • Job and Resource Management Systems
  • Programming Paradigms/Environments for Clusters
  • Message Passing Systems such as MPI and PVM for Clusters
  • Problem Solving Environments for Clusters
  • Data Structures Algorithms for Solving Problems
  • Software Engineering
  • System Management and Administration
  • Java for High Performance Computing
  • Scientific, Engineering, and Commercial Applications
  • Clusters of Clusters (Wide-area Computing/Grid-Computing)
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Novel Hardware and Software Architectures for Computing in the next Millennium
  • Paper Submission

    The paper should not exceed 15 single-spaced pages of text using 12 point size type on 8.5 x 11 inch pages. Electronic submissions by email are encouraged. Authors should submit a PostScript (level 2) file that will print on a PostScript printer using 8.5 x 11 inch size (letter size) paper. To facilitate processing, each submission should also enclose the following information in ASCII format: paper title, author name, abstract, up to five keywords, as well as the contacting information of the responsible author (postal address, e-mail address, phone/fax numbers). The results presented in the paper must be original. Submission implies the willingness of at least one of the authors to register and present the paper. Hard copies should be sent only if electronic submission is not possible. Please send full paper for consideration to this symposium to PC Chair: Hai Jin  <> by email. The hard copy submissions can be mailed to PC chair; however, electronic submission is strongly encouraged.


    All papers selected as per reviewers recommendations for this symposium will appear in the HPCAsia2000 conference proceedings, published through IEEE Computer Society Press, USA.

    Symposium Organizers:

    General Chair

    Rajkumar Buyya
    Co-Chair, IEEE Task Force on Cluster Computing
    School of Computing Science and Software Engineering
    Monash University,  Clayton Campus
    Melbourne, VIC. 3168, Australia
    Phone: +61-3-9905 1502
    Fax: +61-3-9905 3574
    Email: /

    Program Committee (PC) Chair

    Hai Jin
    Internet and Cluster Computing Lab.
    Department of EE-System, EEB-104
    University of Southern California
    Los Angeles, California, 90089, USA
    Tel: +1-213-740-6433
    Fax: +1-213-740-4449

    Program Committee Members:

    Important Dates:

    Contributed Papers Due: 
    Notification of Acceptance: 
    Camera Ready Papers Due: 
    Advanced Registration: 
    HPCAsia2000 Conference:
    November 15, 1999 (extended)
    December 20, 1999 
    January 24, 2000 
    March 6, 2000
    May 14-17, 2000

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