Asia-Pacific International Symposium on Cluster Computing (APSCC'2000)

May 17, 2000

Beijing, China

   Advanced Program

Opening address

        by Rajkumar Buyya & Hai Jin

Keynote Address: Tools and Performance Enhancements for Clusters

Jack Dongarra
University of Tennessee and Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
Abstract:  In this talk we will look at some of the tools that are being developed to achieve high performance and to evaluate performance on modern processors.  In particular we will look at the ATLAS (Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Subroutines) and the PAPI (Portable API) projects.  The ATLAS project is an ongoing research effort focusing on applying empirical techniques in order to provide portable performance.  The focus of PAPI is to provide an easy to use, common set of interfaces that will gain access to these performance counters on all major processor platforms, thereby proving application developers the information they may need to tune their software on different platforms. Our goals are to make it easy for users to gain access to the counters to aid in performance analysis, modeling, and tuning.

Session 1

        System Management Framework and Tools for Beowulf Cluster
        Putchong Uthayopas, Surachai Paisitbenchapol, Thara Angsakul,Jullawadee Maneesilp

        A Scalable, High Performance Internet Cluster Server
        Jian Liu

        Benchmarking and Performance Evaluation of NCHC PC Cluster
        Hsi-Ya Chang, Cherng-Yeu Shen, Chaur-Yi Chou, Shou-Cheng Tcheng, Kuo-Chan Huang

Session 2

        An Optimized MPI Library for VIA/SCI Cards
        Sven Schindler, Wolfgang Rehm, Carsten Dinkelmann

        ATOLL, A New Switched, High Speed Interconnect in Comparison to Myrinet and SCI
        Markus Fischer, Ulrich Bruning, Jorg Kluge, Lars Rzymianowicz, Mathias Waack

        Efficient Reliable Broadcast for Commodity Clusters
        Kwan-Po Wong, Cho-Li Wang

        Methods of Improving Communication Performance in PC Clusters
        Tan Yudong, Hu Baosheng, Peng Qinke, Xu Hongbin

Invited Talk:   Superclusters: TeraClass Computing

                                        F. Gilfeather, P. Kovatch
                                            Albuquerque High Performance Computing Center
                                            The University of New Mexico

Session 3

        Research On Data Replica Distribution Pattern for Web Server Clusters
        Shen-Haihua, CHen-shimin, Shen-meiming, Zheng-weimin

        Evaluation and Analysis of a Dynamic Allocation Scheme on a C++-based Parallel Programming Library
        Tadanori Tezuka, Berbady O. Apduhan, Toshinori Sueyoshi, Itsujiro Arita

        Hybrid Cluster Computing with Mobil Objects
        Liang Cheng, Ajay Wanchoo, Ivan Marsic

        Distributed Object Replication in a Cluster of Workstations
        Wanlei Zhou, Li Wang

Session 4

        A Dynamic Load Balance Algorithm Based on Distributed Database System
        Yucai Feng, Dong Li, Yi Zhang, Hengshan Wu

        Scheduling Algorithms for a Fork DAG in NOWs
        Zhenying Liu, Binxing Fang, Yi Zhang, Jianqi Tang

        Parallel Stratified and Rotating Turbulence Simulation based on MPI
        Sung Bong Yang, Byung Uck Kim

        Two Models of Parallel Genetic Algorithms on PC Cluster Systems
        Tomo HIROYASU, Mitsunori MIKI, Yusuke TANIMURA

        Network Publishing System Based on Cluster Computing Technology
        Chu Wang, Mei Jinzhong

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