Posters/Research Exhibit @ CCGrid 2001

Thursday 17th May, 2001 from 10am-11am.

Call for Posters

Chair: Hai Jin (, Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China

CP01: High Performance Parallel and Cluster Computing for Computational Electronmagetics

            Junwei Lu, Seppo Saario, and Andrew Lew
            Griffith University, Australia
CP02: A Meta-Object Protocol for Environmental Adaptation in a Metacomputer
            Darren Webb and Andrew L. Wendelborn
            University of Adelaide, Australia
CP03: Monitoring Architecture for Grid Computing Environment by Coupling System
            Dong-Woo Lee and R. S. Ramakrishna
            Parallel Computing & Computer Graphics Lab., K-JIST, Korea
CP04: The Kluster-II project
            Andreas Boklund and Fredrik Larsson
            University of Trollhattan, Sweden
CP05: Cycle-stealing using Microsoft's .NET Remoting Framework
            Wayne Kelly and Paul Roe
            Queensland University of Technology, Australia
CP06: Hierarchical, Container-Based Grid Resource Management
            Peter Graham, Muthucumaru Maheswaran, and Rasit Eskicioglu
            University of Manitoba, Canada
CP07: A Threaded-based Multicomputer Tool for Grids
            Bernardo Aldea V., and Fernando R. Rannou
            Universidad de Santiago de Chile
CP08: OSCAR: Open Source Cluster Application Resources
            Michael J. Brim, and Stephen L. Scott
            Oak Ridge National Lab, USA
CP09: Implmentation of Diskless Cluster Systems
            Kwangho Cha, Sangog Na, and Chansu Yu
            Information and Communication University, Korea
CP10: Virtual Private Grid (VPG): A Command Shell for Utilizing Remote Machines Efficiently
            Kenji Kaneda, Kenjiro Taura, and Akinori Yonezawa
            University of Tokyo, Japan
CP11: GeReDiF: Using XML as a Structured Data Format in Grid Applications
            Bita Gorji-Ara, Mohammad Hossein Reshadi and Mehdi Fakhraii
            University of Tehran, Iran
CP12: Uniform Network Description Format
            Srigurunath Ecap Chakravarthi, C. R. Krishna Kumar, Anthony Skjellum, and Bruce Wooley
            MPI Software Technology Private Limited, India
CP13: MPI/Pro in Grid Settings
            Anthony Skjellum, Rossen Dimitrov, and Srigurunath Chakravarthi
            MPI Software Technology Private Limited, India
CP14: Nimrod/G GRID Resource Broker and Computational Economy
            David Abramson, Rajkumar Buyya and Jon Giddy
            Monash University, Australia
CP15: GridSim: Java-based Modelling and Simulation of Computational Economy-based Scheduling for Grid Computing
            Rajkumar Buyya and Manzur Murshed
            Monash University, Australia
CP16: Processing Astronomical Data on the Grid in Real Time
            S. M. Pickles and J. M. Brooke
            The University of Manchester, UK
CP17:  DesignDrug@Home: A Virtual Laboratory for "Molecular Modelling for Drug Design" on Peer-to-Peer Grid
            Kim Branson (WEHI) and Rajkumar Buyya (Monash)
            Structural Biology/Walter and Eliza Hall Institute (WEHI) and Monash University, Australia
CP18:  ActiveSheets: Supercomputing with Spreadsheets
            David Abramson (Monash), Toby Chittenden (DSTC), Paul Roe (QUT)
            Monash University, Australia, DSTC (Distributed Systems Technology Centre), (QUT) Queensland University of Technology