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The continous demand for high processing power at reasonable cost led to the evolution of cluster computing - a cost-effective technique to connect many small-scale computers such as workstations or servers to build a large-scale parallel computer. Clustering computers puts more demand on the I/O subsystem, and specifically storage.

This webpage will serve as a host of information on Storage Technology, as part of the IEEE CS Task Force on Cluster Computing (TFCC). This storage technology webpage provides:

  • List of professional activities such as Workshops, Presentations/Lectures, etc.
  • List of research projects at various universities & research centers.
  • List of relevant white papers from various companies, interest groups, etc.
  • List of computer magazines that focus on storage technology.
  • List of various interest groups, committees, focus groups, etc.
  • List of Academia professors & industry professionals with major contributions to storage technology
  • And much more
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