The 3rd International Workshop on

           Cluster Computing Technologies, Environments, and Applications (CC-TEA)

Organized At

1999 International Conference on

                Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications (PDPTA'99)

June 28 - July 1, 1999
Monte Carlo Resort, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA



A. Networking and Protocols

ATOLL: A Network on a Chip

Lars Rzymianowicz, Ulrich Bruening, Markus Fischer, Joerg Kluge, Mathias Waack University of Mannheim
B6, 26 D-68159 Mannheim, Germany
Fax: +(49) 621 292 5597
Phone: +(49) 621 292 1619

The effectiveness of the Programmed Backoff method in the Presence of Background Traffic

Norman Matloff
Uni. of California at Davis, USA

GAMMA on DEC 2114x with Efficient Flow Control

G. Chiola, G. Ciaccio, L.V. Mancini, and P. Rotondo
DISI, University of Genoa
35 via Dodecaneso, 16146 Genoa, Italy
Phone:+39-010-353-6606 Fax:+39-010-353-6699

B. File Systems and DSMs

Cooperative Cache Management in S2FS File System

Wang, Zhu, and Xu
Chinese Academy of Scieneces, China

HRaid: a Flexible Storage-system Simulator

Toni Cortes and Jesus Labarta
Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya - Barcelona, Spain

Adjusting single-/multiple-writer to False Sharing in Software DSMs

Xianghui Xie and Chengde Han
Institute of Computing Technology,
Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing.
Email: /

A Migrating-Home Protocol for Implementing Scope Consistency Model on a Cluster of Workstations

Benny Wang-Leung Cheung, Cho-Li Wang and Kai Hwang
Department of Computer Science and Information Systems
The University of Hong Kong, Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong
Email: {wlcheung, clwang, kaihwang}

C. Load Balancing and Resource Management Systems

Asymmetric Load Balancing on a Heterogeneous Cluster of PCs

Christopher A. Bohn, Gary B. Lamont, Jeffrey K. Little, and Richard A. Raines
Gary B. Lamont
Air Force Institute of Technology
Graduate School of Engineering
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering 2950 P St
Wright-Patterson AFB OH 45433
voice: (937)255-3450x4718
fax: (937)904-8056

Batch Queueing in the WINNER Resource Management System

Olaf Arndt, Bernd Freisleben, Thilo Kielmann, Frank Thilo
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, University of Siegen, Holderlinstr., D-57068 Siegen, Germany
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam,
De Boelelaan 1081a, 1081 HV Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Solving Asymmetric Traveling Salesman Problems Using Dynamic Scheduling on a Heterogeneous Computer Systems

Janez Brest, Janez Zerovnik, viljem Zumer
Uni. of Maribor, Slovenia

D. Single System Image

Implementing a Full Single System Image UnixWare Cluster: Middleware vs Underware

Bruce Walker and Douglas Steel
Compaq Computer Corporation, Los Angeles, CA, USA. Tel: +1 (1) 310-414-3102

Douglas Steel (
SCO Ltd., Watford, U.K.
Tel: +44 (0) 1923-813516 Fax: +44 (0) 1923-813804

Gardmon: A Java-based Monitoring tool for Gardens Non-dedicated Cluster Computing System

Rajkumar Buyya, Binu Thomas Koshy, and Rajesh Mudlapur
Monash University, Melbourne, Australia
Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia

JESSICA: Java-Enable Single-System-Image Computing Architecture

Matchy J M Ma, Cho-Li Wang, Francis C M Lau, Zhiwei Xu
Department of Computer Science and Information Systems
The University of Hong Kong,
Pokfulam Road, Hong Kong
Email: {wlcheung+clwang+kaihwang}

Performance Effect Analysis of False Sharing Problem in Clusters with Single I/O Space

Hai Jin and Kai Hwang
University of Southern California, USA

2671 Magnolia Ave., Apt. #9
Los Angeles, California, 90007 USA

E. Programming Environments

Mechanisms for Programming SMP Clusters

Attila Gursoy and Ilker Cengiz
Computer Engineering and Information Sciences Bilkent University Ankara, Turkey
Ph: +90(312)2664133 fax: +90(312)2664126

The MPI-Delphi Interface: A Visual Programming Environment for Cluster of Workstations

M. Acacio, P.E. Lspez-de-Teruel, J.M. Garcma and O. Canovas University of Murcia
Campus de Espinardo, s/n 30080 Murcia (Spain)
Email:, {meacacio, pedroe},

A Real-Time and Distributed System with Programming Language Abstraction

Erhan Saridogan and Nadia Erdogan
Department of Software Research and Technology Turkish Navy,
Software Development Center Mail Address : Florya Caddesi, No.42/5 Senlikkoy 34810, Istanbul - TURKEY
Tel : +90-212-663 3498
Mobile : +90-532-453 7989
E-mail :

EDPEPPS: A Graphical Environment for the Parallel Software Development Life-Cycle

T. Delaitre, M.J. Zemerly, G.R. Justo, S.C. Winter
University of Westminster,
Centre for Parallel Computing
115 New Cavendish Street, London W1M 8JS
Web Site:

Adaptive Programming: Application to a Semi Supervised Point Prototype Clustering Algorithm

Houda Lamehamedi, D. Kebbal, E-G Talbi, A. Bensaid, A Benllaachia
Computer Science Departement,
Rensselaer Ploytechnic Institute
110 8th street,
Troy, NY 12180.
Email: Houda Lamehamedi <>

A Distributed Object-Oriented Parallel Computing Environment Based on Java/CORBA

Chi-Chang Chen and Kin-Hsing Hsieh
Information Engineering Department
I-Shou University
Kaohsiung County, Taiwan

Low-Overhead Fault-Tolerance for Java Parallel Applications on Heterogeneous Networked Computers

JinHo Ahn, Kibom Kim, and ChongSun Hwang
Department of Computer Science and Engineering,
Korea University,
Postal mail address: 5-1 Anam-dong, Seongbuk-ku, Seoul 136-701, Korea
Phone: (82) 2-924-0547
Fax: (82) 2-953-0771

MC-PM2 : Multi-Cluster approach with PM2

Ben Planquelle, Jean, and Nathalie Revol

Laboratoire d'Informatique Fondamentale de Lille -
URA CNRS 369 projet ESPACE,
Universite des Sciences et Technologies de
Lille Batiment M3, Cite Scientifique,
59655 Villeneuve d'Ascq, FRANCE
Phone: (33/0) 3 20 43 47 27 - Fax: (33/0) 3 20 43 65 66

Speedup and Scalability of SPMD Computations on Workstation Clusters

Kemal Efe and Putchong Uthayopas
Center for Advanced Computer Studies
University of Southwestern Louisiana
Lafayette, LA 7050

Currently At:
Dept. of Computer Science
Bilkent University
Bilkent, Ankara/Turkey 06533
Email: efe@CS.Bilkent.Edu.TR

An Assessment of MPI Environments for Windows NT

K. Takeda (1), N.K. Allsopp (2), J.C. Hardwick (3), P.C. Macey (4), D.A.Nicole (1), S.J.Cox (1) and D.J.Lancaster(1)

(1) Department of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton, Highfield, Southampton SO17 1BJ, UK
(2) Parallel Applications Centre, 2 Venture Road, Chilworth, Southampton SO16 7NP, UK
(3) Microsoft Research Ltd, St George^Rs House, 1 Guildhall Street, Cambridge CB2 3NH, UK (4) SER Systems Ltd, 39 Nottingham Road, Stapleford, Nottingham NG9 8AD, UK

Email: Kenji Takeda <>

Performance evaluation of two programming models for a cluster of PC biprocessors

Franck Cappello, Olivier Richard and Daniel Etiemble LRI, Universite Paris-Sud,
91405 Orsay,
Fax: (+33) 1 69 15 65 86

F. Algorithms and Applications

Algorithmic Issue for Distributed Heterogeneous Computing Platforms

Vincent Boudet, Fabrice Rastello and Yves Robert
INRIA, France.

An efficient Parallel EM Algorithm: A Sparse Matrix Compaction Technique

Wei-Min Jeng and Stephen Huang
Uni. of Houston, USA
Email: wjeng@CS.UH.EDU

Using MeDLey for the Grid-Decomposition Methods

Tawfik Es-sqalli, Eric Dillon, Jacques Guyard
LORIA, Scientific Campus B.P. 239
Tel : (+33) 03 83 59 20 48 Fax : (+33) 03 83 56 78 96
Email: {sqalli,dillon,guyard}

Multivariate Geographic Clustering Using a Beowulf-style Parallel Computer

Forrest M. Hoffman and William W. Hargrove
Oak Ridge National Laboratory*
Environmental Sciences Division
P.O. Box 2008
Oak Ridge TN 37831-6036
423-576-7680 voice
423-576-8543 fax

High Performance Clusters: A Promising Environment for Parallel Discrete Event Simulation

Cong-Duc Pham
Universite Lyon 1, Claude Bernard
Bat 710
43 Blvd du 11 Novembre 1918
69622 Villeurbanne Cedex
fax : (33) 4 72 43 13 12
Email: Pham CongDuc <>

Climate Ocean Modeling on a Beowulf Class System

Benny, Ping, Yi, and Michael
California Institute of Technology

Unsteady Separated Flow Simulations using a Beowulf Clusters

Anirudh Modi, Lyle N Long, and Robert Hansen
Pen. State Univeristy, USA

A Proxy Server Supporting Document Categorization

Cheng-Kang Wen, Shang-Rong Tsai, and Feng-Shiuh Song
National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Session Organisers and Chairs

Rajkumar Buyya
Co-Chair, IEEE Task Force on Cluster Computing
School of Computing Science and Software Engineering
Monash University
Room No. 130, Bld No. 63, Clayton Campus Melbourne, Vic. 3168, Australia
Phone: +61-3-9905 1502
Fax: +61-3-9905 3574
Email: /

Toni Cortes
Coordinator, Single System Image, IEEE Task Force on Cluster Computing
Departament d'Arquitectura de Computadors
Universitat Polit`ecnica de Catalunya
Barcelona, Spain