POENDOM: A Parallel Operating Environment on a Network of DOS Machines

Parallel computing on a cluster of workstations and personal computers has very high potential since it leverages the existing hardware and software. Parallel programming environment offers the user a convenient way to express parallel computation and communication. A lot of work has been done in synthesizing distributed memory parallel machines from a cluster of workstations. However, such a parallel environment is not supported on a network of DOS machines.
POENDOM, Parallel Operating Environment on a Network of DOS Machines provides a master process for job mapping and configuration management and several slave processes for job spawning on client nodes in coordination with the master process. The MPL (Message Passing Library) provided by POENDOM can be used to develop coarse grained parallel applications which can be executed in POENDOM environment. MPL supports message passing interfaces for point-to-point communication, collective communication, and for synchronization among different nodes working on the same problem. MDF (Multi-Dimensional-Files) library provides interfaces which deal with special files called multi-dimensional-files, suitable for writing parallel programs using the data parallelism paradigm. The emulated parallel machine of POENDOM consists of a master (host) node and several slave (remote) nodes. The master node accesses a user specified configuration file and distributes the tasks to slave nodes. On task mapping, master node and slave nodes will collectively solve the problem. This paper presents the design and implementation of POENDOM which includes master and slave processes. It also discusses MPL and MDF libraries.

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Appeared in: The 4th International Conference on Avanced Computing, 1996.