Multiwindow FTP System in Java: A Network Client

Multithreaded programming is a conceptual paradigm for programming where programs are divided into two or more processes which can be run in parallel. With interactive, networked programs we find that there are many problems best solved concurrently. The work described here is a GUI based multi-threaded FTP package with which you can operate any number of sites at a time.

The package is designed as a powerful sophisticated visual tool for transferring files over the network. Multiple ftp sites can be opened simultaneouly and the directory tree of each location is displayed in separate windows. The basic operations can be done using mouse drag and drop techniques. Also the entire set of commands are available by means of a menu system. The multithreading features of Java enable multiple file transfers at a time thereby reducing the effects of network communication latency. In this paper we discuss the FTP overview, FTP model and package architecture.

Click here to download the Paper (which is in Postscript format).

Click here to download the Multiwindow FTP Package (which is in tar format).

Appeared in: Proceedings of the IASTED International Conference on Networks and Communication Systems (NCS'98), Pittsburgh, USA, 1998.