Mobile Cluster Computing and Timeliness Issues


With the rapid advancement and extensive application of cluster computing and mobile communication, the integration of these two technologies become feasible leading to the emergence of a new paradigm called mobile cluster computing (MCC). Among several issues that need to be addressed for MCC to become a reality, timeliness issue is an important one, especially when mobile nodes within a computing cluster migrate from one cell to another cell in a cellular wireless network. In this paper, we first define and analyze the potential application environment of mobile cluster computing. We also commence with a generic architecture of a mobile cluster computer and several potential research issues of mobile cluster computing. In the rest of this paper, we focus on the timeliness issue of routing and multicast when handover happens, along with several solution approaches based on different system architectures.

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Appeared in: Informatica: An International Journal of Computing and Informatics, Vol. 23, No. 1, 1999.