GARDMON: A Java-based Monitoring Tool for Gardens Non-dedicated Cluster Computing System

The QUT's Gardens project aims to create a vir-tual parallel machine out of a network of non-dedicated computers (workstations/PCs). These systems are interconnected through low latency and high bandwidth communication links such as Myrinet. Gardens is an integrated programming language and system designed to utilize the idle workstation's CPU cycles to support adaptive par-allel computing.

A Gardens computation consists of a network of communicating tasks, dynamically mapped onto a network of processors. Tasks are created dynami-cally and each task consists of a stack and a col-lection of heap segments in which dynamic data structures are stored.

We designed and developed a Gardens cluster monitoring system called Gardmon. It is a port-able, flexible, interactive, scalable, location-transparent, and comprehensive environment for monitoring of Gardens runtime activities. It follows client-server methodology and provides transpar-ent access to all nodes to be monitored from a monitoring machine. The features of Gardmon in monitoring Gardens adaptive parallel computing system seem satisfactory.

Click here to download the GARDMON Paper (which is in Postscript format).

Appeared in: Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications (PDPTA'98), Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, CSREA Press, 1999.