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Uses of Reservation in gridsim.parallel.reservation

Methods in gridsim.parallel.reservation that return Reservation
 Reservation Reservation.clone()
          Returns a clone of this object
 Reservation ReservationRequester.createReservation(double startTime, int duration, int numPE, int resID)
          Creates a new reservation and sends the request to a resource.
Immediate reservation can be used by this method by specifying startTime = 0, meaning do not care about start time or use current time as a reservation's start time.
 Reservation ReservationMessage.getReservation()
          Gets the reservation to which this message refers
 Reservation ServerReservation.getReservation()
          Returns the reservation sent by the requester, which led to the creation of this object.
protected  Reservation ReservationRequester.getReservation(int reservationId)
          Gets a reservation object based on the given booking ID
 Reservation ReservationRequester.modifyReservation(int reservationId, double startTime, int duration, int numPE)
          Modifies an existing reservation.

Methods in gridsim.parallel.reservation with parameters of type Reservation
 int Reservation.compareTo(Reservation reservation)
          Compares this reservation with the specified reservation for order.
 boolean Reservation.copy(Reservation obj)
          Copy the object.

Constructors in gridsim.parallel.reservation with parameters of type Reservation
ReservationMessage(int sourceId, int destId, Reservation reservation)
          Instantiates a new object.
ReservationMessage(int sourceId, Reservation reservation)
          Instantiates a new object.
ServerReservation(Reservation reservation)
          Creates a new ServerReservation object.

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