GridDemo 2001

International Workshop on Live Demonstrations of Grid Technologies and Applications


In conjunction with

HPC Asia 2001:  5th International Conference and Exhibition on High-Performance computing in the Asia-Pacific Region


Royal Pines Resort, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia

Wednesday, 26 September 2001



Sponsored by
IEEE Computer Society Task Force on Cluster Computing (TFCC)


Call for Participation


Recently the Grid has become the driving force of IT research. Many new projects and national and international Grid activities have been launched world wide. On the other hand we have no or little experience with real operational Grids. Therefore, the goal of the workshop to give live demonstration of already existing Grids and to explain how they were built and are maintained. What are their basic working principles and which are the difficulties the constructors had to face during their creation. We believe that the study of such real Grids will help the establishment of new Grids which finally, can lead to the dreamed world-wide Grid.


During the one-day workshop we plan to have 6-8 demos. Each demo will be divided into three parts:

ˇ        lecturing

ˇ        demo

ˇ        discussion


We invite you to give live Grid presentation at the Workshop organized in the framework of the HPC Asia 2001 conference. Please, send a one page abstract describing your Grid activities, technologies, and/or applications and how you will be presented them during the demo. Also, please, identify what kind of infrastructure you need for the demo. The speakers are expected to do a rehearsal one day before the workshop so you should explicitly declair at the end of your abstract that if your submission is accepted, you are ready to participate at the rehearsal day before the workshop.


Please, send your abstract by e-mail to Peter Kacsuk @ the following address:


The deadline for submission of the abstract is 20th of Aug.

Notification will be by the 27th of August.


Workshop Chairs:


Péter Kacsuk


MTA SZTAKI and Univ. of Westminster 

Rajkumar Buyya


Monash University



GridDemo 2001 Program

Date: Wednesday, Sept. 26, 2001.

Time: 10.30am - 12.15 pm

Demo 1: ThaiGrid: Towards a Common Computing Grid Infrastructure for Thailand
Putchong Uthayopas (Kasetsart University) and Vara Varavithya (King Mongkutt Institute of Technology)

Demo 2: Gardens 2 (G2): An Internet Computing System
Wayne Kelly, Paul Roe and Jiro Sumitomo (Queensland University of Technology)

Demo 3: Nimrod-G: Economics driven Resource Broker for Service Oriented Grid Computing
Rajkumar Buyya, David Abramson, and Jon Giddy (Monash University)