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What for testbed is used ?

The World Wide Grid (WWG) testbed is used for investigation, development, and testing of our fundamental research ideas in peer-to-peer Grid computing. The testbed primarily helps us in investigating suitability of our research solutions for solving real world applications. Currently, we use the testbed to drive the Gridbus Project R&D and applications.

Some of application studies include molecular docking for drug discovery, brain activity analysis, and high-energy physics.

Please volunteer your computers!

You are invited to volunter (idle resources of) your computers to this World-Wide Grid (WWG) testbed. If you have machines (PCs, Workstations, Clusters, PlayStations, etc.) that can speak Grid protocols (e.g., running systems like Globus), all you need to do is:

1. Create an account for our use on your machine (Optional Step). (e.g., account_name = "rajkumar" and initial password = "???" and please let us know the password you assigned and host/machine address for telnet/ssh.)

2. Authorise us to use your machine by adding following line to Globus grid-mapfile (which is in < globus-deploy >/etc directory):

/O=Australian Grid Forum/OU=AusGrid Testbed/ Buyya
/O=Australian Grid Forum/OU=AusGrid Testbed/ Venugopal

3. You also need to recognise Australian Grid Forum (AGF) CA as our is actually issed by them. AGF CA certs are in AusGrid Certificates Tarball

Note: If you want to skip Step 1, then you need to replace "rajkumar" by any other account name that has authorization to access your machine.