High Performance Cluster Computing : Programming and Applications, Volume 2

By Buyya, Raijkumar (editor)
  Hardcover; 664 Pages
Published by Prentice Hall, USA
Date Published: 05/1999
ISBN: 0130137855

(HAS Moreinfo)Table of Contents

I Programming Environments and Development Tools 
1 Parallel Programming Models and Paradigms 
2 Parallel Programming Languages and Environments
3 MPI and PVM Programming 
4 Linking Message-Passing Environments 
5 Active Objects 
6 Using Scoped Behavior to Optimize Data Sharing Idioms 
7 Component-Based Development Approach 
8 Hypercomputing with LiPS 
9 An Efficient Tuple Space Programming Environment 
10 Debugging Parallelized Code 
11 WebOS: Operating System Services for Wide-Area Applications 

II Java for High Performance Computing 

12 Distributed-Object Computing 
13 Java and Different Flavors of Parallel Programming Models 
14 The HPspmd Model and its Java Binding 
15 Web-Based Parallel Computing with Java 
III Algorithms and Applications 

16 Object-Oriented Implementation of Parallel Genetic Algorithms 
17 Application-Specific Load Balancing on Heterogeneous Systems 
18 Time Management in Parallel Simulation 
19 Hardware System Simulation 
20 Real-Time Resource Management Middleware: Open Systems and Applications 
21 Data Placement in Shared-Nothing Database Systems 
22 Parallel Inference with Very Large Knowledge Bases 
23 MaRT: Lazy Evaluation for Parallel Ray Tracing 
24 Fast Content-Based Image Retrieval 
25 Climate Ocean Modeling 
26 Computational Electromagnetics 
27 CFD Simulation: A Case Study in Software Engineering 
28 Quantum Reactive Scattering Calculations 
29 Biomedical Applications Modeling