The 2nd International Workshop on

Cluster Computing - Technologies, Environments, and Applications (CC-TEA'98)

Organised at the
1998 International Conference on
Parallel and Distributed Processing Techniques and Applications (PDPTA'98)

July 13th - 16th, 1998, Las Vegas, USA

Call for Papers 

CC-TEA merges with CC-GRID symposium from 2001

In the recent years, high speed network and improved microprocessor performance are making network of workstations an appealing vehicle for parallel computing. Cluster/network of workstations built using commodity hardware or software is playing a major role in redefining the concept of Supercomputing. As a whole, Clusters are becoming compromising solution to MPPs and Supercomputers. The focus of this special session will be on software and hardware issues of computing on clusters. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: Submission should include authors names, affiliations, addresses, fax and phone numbers, email addresses, on the cover page. Submission implies the willingness of at least one of the authors to register and present the paper. Please submit full paper (not exceeding 10 single spaced pages in file of the paper (preferably viewable by ghostview); also send a separate email with authors' names, addresses, title and abstract of the paper. Hard copies should be sent only if electronic submission is not possible.

Please note that, it is planned to bring out a special issue on "HPC on Clusters" containing papers from this session in the following International Journals:

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School of Computing Science
Faculty of Information Technology
Queensland University of Technology
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Brisbane, Queensland-QLD 4001, Australia

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1st April, 1998 
24th April, 1998
22nd May, 1998

Conference Contact:

Professor Hamid R. Arabnia
(PDPTA General Chair)
The University of Georgia
Department of Computer Science
415 Graduate Studies Research Center
Athens, Georgia 30602-7404, U.S.A.
Tel: (706) 542-3480
Fax: (706) 542-2966


JULY 13, 1998 (MONDAY)

SESSION A4: High Performance Computing on Clusters (Location: Ballroom D)

            Chair: Rajkumar Buyya
                   Queensland University of Technology, Australia

09:50 - 10:15am (269P) A Performance-oriented Operating System Approach to

                 Fast Communications in a Cluster of Personal Computers
                 Giovanni Chiola and Giuseppe Ciaccio
                 DISI, Universita' di Genova, Genova, Italy

10:15 - 10:40am (224P) Queuing Network Model for Load Balancing Evaluation

                 in a Heterogeneous Distributed System
                 Yanal Haj Mahmoud and Bertil Folliot
                 Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Place Jussieu, France

10:40 - 11:05am (270P) PAFS: A New Generation in Cooperative Caching

                 Toni Cortes
                 Departament d'Arquitectura de Computadors, UPC, Barcelona,

11:05 - 11:30am BREAK

11:30 - 11:55am (271P) Programming Strategy and the Performance of COMPaS with

                 Overlap of Communication and Computation
                 Yoshio Tanaka, Motohiko Matsuda and Mitsuhisa Sato
                 Real World Computing Partnership, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan

11:55 - 12:20pm (272P) JMPF: A Message Passing Framework for Cluster Computing

                 Rajkumar and Vijaya
                 Queensland University of Technology, Australia

12:20 - 12:45pm (274P) An Efficient Clustering Method for the CORBA Trading

                 Zahir Tari and Fan Bridge
                 Royal Melbourne Institute of, Melbourne, Australia

12:45 - 01:45pm LUNCH (on your own)

01:45 - 02:15pm POSTERS

SESSION A5: High Performance Computing on Clusters (Ballroom D)

            Chair: Rajkumar Buyya
                   Queensland University of Technology, Australia

02:15 - 02:40pm (275P) Load Sharing for Clusters of Computers

                 Jose Bernabeu

02:40 - 03:05pm (276P) MPI for Windows NT: Two Generations of Implementations

                 and Experience with the Message Passing Interface for
                 Clusters and SMP Environments
                 Anthony Skjellum, Shane Hebert, Clayborne Taylor, Jr.,
                 Walter Seefeld, and Rossen Dimitrov
                 Mississippi State University, Mississippi, USA;
                 MPI Software Technology, Inc.

03:05 - 03:30pm (277P) Cluster, Chaos, and Performance

                 Gary Rommel
                 Eastern Connecticut State University, Connecticut, USA

03:30 - 03:55pm BREAK

03:55 - 04:20pm (278P) Idle Capacity Utilization Through Speculative

                 Processing: An Application of Active Objects
                 Yuen Chung Kwong and C K Yuen
                 National University of Singapore, Singapore

04:20 - 04:45pm (279P) Some Results on Ongoing Research on Parallel

                 Implementation of Graph Algorithms: The Case of
                 Permutation Graphs
                 Isabelle Guerin Lassous and Michel Morvan
                 LIAFA, Universite Paris, Paris, France

04:45 - 05:10pm (280P) PARMON: A Comprehensive Cluster Monitoring System

                 Rajkumar, Krishna Mohan, and Bindu Gopal
                 Queensland University of Technology, Australia;
                 Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, India.


JULY 14, 1998 (Tuesday)

SESSION B3: High Performance Computing on Clusters ( Ballroom D)

            Chair: Rajkumar Buyya
                   Queensland University of Technology, Australia

09:35 - 10:00am (281P) Reliable Distributed Computing on the Cluster

                 of Workstations
                 Piyush Maheshwari, K.-M. Ngk, and Jinsong Ouyang
                 The University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia;
                 Performance Technology Center, Hewlett-Packard Company,
                 Roseville, California, U.S.A.

10:00 - 10:25am (282P) Active Messages Implementation on PARAM OpenFrame

                 Cluster Supercomputer
                 Nitin Parab and Ragavendra
                 Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, Bangalore,

10:25 - 10:50am (283P) Distributed Virtual Memory Multicomputer Systems

                 Mohammad Malkawi
                 Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan

10:50 - 11:15am BREAK

11:15 - 11:40am (362P) Modeling of a High Speed Network to Maximize

                 Throughput Performance: The experience of BIP Over
                 Loic Prylli, Roland, and Bernard
                 LHPC and INRIA, France

11:40 - 12:05am (363P) Visper: Parallel Processing and Java

                 Nenad Stankovic and Kang Zhang
                 MPCE, Macquarie University, NSW 2109, Australia

12:05 - 12:30pm (364P) Multiple Writers Entry Consistency

                 Harjinder Singh Sandhu, Tim Brecht, and Diego Moscoso
                 York University, Canada

12:30 - 01:30pm LUNCH (on your own)

SESSION B5: High Performance Computing on Clusters (Location: Ballroom D)

            Chair: Rajkumar Buyya
                   Queensland University of Technology, Australia

03:35 - 04:00pm (365P) On Using Network Memory to Improve the Performance of

                 Transaction Based Systems
                 Sotiris Ioannidis, Evangelos Markatos, and Julia Sevaslidou
                 University of Rochester, USA;
                 Foundation for Research and Technology, Greece.

04:00 - 04:25pm (366P) A Hierarchical Parallel Debugging Tool

                 Arun Babu K, B. B. Prahlada Rao, and Nagaraj Shenoy
                 Centre for Development of Advanced Computing, India

04:25 - 04:50pm (373P) Real-Time Virtual Shared Disk: Enabling Multimedia

                 on Clusters
                 Rajat Mukherjee
                 IBM Almaden Research Center, San Jose, California. U.S.A.

04:50 - 05:15pm (375P) Number Crunching with Java Applications

                 Luis Moura e Silva
                 University of Coimbra, Coimbra, Portugal