Project B Demonstrations/Interviews

And a Note on Submission

As you know, part of project B assessment is based on interviews (i.e., it is basically demonstration, but the marker will ask you to demo some selected functionality)   conducted during lab sessions on week 12 (next week, from Mon. 27/10/03 to Thu. 30/10/03). Thus, it is absolutely crucial that you attend the next lab session that you are enrolled in. In fact, all lab demonstrators are directed to strictly interview only those students who are enrolled in their lab.

All interviews will be next week.

No alternative interviews will be conducted outside your designated lab session.

Due to the large number of students in labs, each interview can NOT take more than maximum 5 minutes. Therefore, it is important that you come to your lab prepared.



You must: 

  1. Use the contents (sample data) of this file to create 10 accounts for 5 customers using your OzBank system.
    NOTE: We basically want you to execute your program (OzBank system) and enter sample data interactively (in advance) by running your menu based system (before submission), so that you can focus on demonstration during the interview instead of entering data. Also please note that you don't need to write any extra code for this purpose!
  2. Make sure that you submit all data files created by your system along your Java source files.
    If you happen to store data files in (one or more) sub directory and/or some programs in sub directory due to the use of package feature, please tar (using tar command on unix or ZIP) all files (program files and
    data files including sub directories) into a file and submit the tar or zip file.

 IF you have already submitted your project, no need to worry. You will be given extra time to add some cutomers records during the demonstration.

During the interview:

You are not allowed to bring or copy any file during the interview. Only your submitted files will be used for the interview.


  1. Your system should be able to run on the university computers and initialize itself using your submitted data files (for the above mentioned 5 customers and 10 accounts).
  2. You will be asked to demonstrate a subset of your system functionality according to the requirements. That includes but not limited to:
    1. Adding new customers.
    2. Opening accounts.
    3. Closing accounts.
    4. Linking accounts to ATM cards.
    5. Transactions (e.g. withdrawal, deposit or transfer found).
    6. Generating reports.
    7. Error checking.